Hairdressing & barbering for Cross dressers & Transgender Women

Join me in the comfort of my private salon where you will receive a one-on-one VIP treatment. Have a read of the services I offer below. You may contact me via the form at the bottom of the page.

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Wig Maintenance

Shampoo & Blow dry

Shampoo & Dry off


Shampoo, Haircut & Blow dry

Shampoo, Haircut & dry off (no brushes)

Shampoo, Haircut / Rollers or Tongs

Shampoo, Haircut & Vintage / Retro Up Style


Shampoo, Set / Tongs


Shampoo, Retro Up style


Deluxe Hair Treatment & Scalp Massage
$100 with blow dry, $80 with Dry off

Crew Cut / $20

Scissor Cut / $50

Short back & Sides / $55

Haircut & Beard Trim / $60

Face Shave / $65

Head Shave / $50

Crew Cut & Face Shave / $80

Haircut & Face Shave / $90

scented hot towel face and head massage

Relax and unwind. I will relieve all the tension you are holding on to with my signature face, head and neck massage.

Face & head Massage $30

Exfoliating Face & Head massage $40

Exfoliating Face & Head Massage with Deluxe Shave $90

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