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Hair & Beauty Salon for the Gurls

Hi there beautiful. I am so excited to share my wonderful news with you. Finally I have published the Hair & Beauty Salon page on my website. I still have a few things to add but in the meantime please have a look at the services that are available to you.

My next mission is working on the packages, this means you’ll be able to mix and match from ALL of the services that I offer, How exciting!!

I hope you are all safe and well, and hopefully see you all when this Covid nightmare is over.




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Sydney's Cross dressing, Transformations, makeover and hair salon.

2 thoughts on “Hair & Beauty Salon for the Gurls

  1. I visited Violetta for the very first time about a month ago & this was my very first time going to see someone who knew what they were doing as I had only done my make-up and dressing at home.
    Violetta is so lovely and all my nerves disappeared within minutes of being in her company. Violetta made me feel at ease & made me feel & look totally amazing so much so that I’m already booked in for my next appointment with her.

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