Name: Leigh

Date: December 2021

Your testimonial: I had a wonderful makeover session with Violetta last month.
Violetta’s studio is delightful. It is roomy, good lighting and has a very inviting ambience.
We had a short discussion about what I wanted from the makeover.
Her makeup was amazing. It was a wonderful transformation for me.
Violetta took a lot of time and care with the makeup and I was more than happy with the result.
I have naturally long hair and Violetta was able to work her magic with that as well.

Then came the photo session. I had brought mainly my own outfits, but Violetta had some accessories whch completed the look.
The photos came out really amazing. They are such a wonderful keepsake for the makeover experience.

I think, next time I book, I will book a longer session so I can explore some of Violetta’s wardrobe as well.

Name: Emma

Date: December 2021

Your testimonial: I have visited Violetta on several occasions and Violetta never stops to amaze me with her eye for detail and how at ease you will feel from the moment you arrive. If you are considering your first time out or even just want to experience the joys of cross dressing then go to see Violetta. She is truly beautiful lady.

Name: Donna

Date: November 2021

Your testimonial: After many months of having to postpone due to the lockdowns, I finally had the pleasure of visiting Violetta last week. Walking into her salon put an instant smile on my face. All of the clothing and gurlscaping items are impeccably arranged, and cleanliness is obviously a very high priority,
It had been quite a while since I’d been able to become Donna and was quite nervous about how my transformation would go, but Violetta’s reassuring personality, and amazing make up and gurlscaping skills, soon had me feeling very feminine and way more confident.
I’m really looking forward to seeing Violetta on a regular basis now, and planning to book some make up lessons soon. An outing dressed as Donna would be my ultimate dream and I’m so grateful that this is now a possibility in the hands of such an amazing lady.

Sydney June 2021

Like many men who cross-dress from time to time, I was pleasantly surprised to have come across Violetta’s website recently and learned about her cross-dressing service in Sydney. I visited Violetta for the first time last week and she certainly lived up to my expectations, and more. 
I had a three-and-a-half-hour make-over session at Violetta’s lovely place tucked away in a quiet street with a soothing ambience to boot. It didn’t take me long to see Violetta’s many talents in full display. The way she transformed me into one of her many masterpieces was an eye-opener even for someone who has previously been to another cross dressing service that no longer operates in Sydney. Throughout the session, Violetta showed great care in wanting to understand my cross-dressing needs, without asking any of the personal questions that a cross-dresser wouldn’t feel comfortable answering. I have also found her to be a great companion throughout our conversation. This is not surprising given her admirable empathetic quality that one would expect from a generic woman running a cross dressing service. 
Men who have desire to cross-dress are often not well understood by other people. I don’t blame them as I don’t understand why I have such desire myself. I’m every bit like other straight men except that I like to cross-dress as a hobby. If you are like me who has previously been deprived of a cross-dressing service in Sydney, or haven’t had the courage to “step out” in front of another person, you will not regret paying Violetta a visit. I am certainly looking forward to my next one. 

Easter Sunday Evening Out with Violetta, by Tina Martini

A new crossdressing service in Sydney! Much needed and I really hope it takes off – girls, you need to take advantage of this. I have been to several crossdressing services around the world, but being experienced in my own makeup and clothes, I tried something different, which was a night out with Violetta, ready prepared. I tend to gravitate to other tgirls and the associated LGBTQI venues but I have been yearning to try something more mainstream (and classy). This was a great way to do that very thing, and a way to experience how you are treated outside these environments. Being with a confident cis woman is really helpful and it made me feel comfortable.

Violetta picked me up from my apartment and we drove to Pott’s Point (Kings Cross area) and visited three venues, The Butler, where we had a nice dinner in a place which as an intimate ambience and a great harbour view, The Roosevelt, which although the staff were helpful and attentive, was a little disappointing, and Dulcie’s, which was a lovely little downstairs cocktail bar where the staff were even nicer. I tried a couple of martinis (what else?) with my favorite ingredient, an exceptionally good gin. This venue looks like it will be very interesting with some cool live entertainment. It has a very intimate early 20th century feel and a good feng shui with a stage at one end.

All the time, Violetta was great company and she has lived in several places in this general area and can tell you a lot of history of this once shady area of Sydney. Somehow, despite the more dodgy aspects from the past, it does seem to have been very exciting in years gone by, and retains only a little of that for the moment – maybe with less Covid and the easing of lockout laws, more of the fun might come back.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a night out like this with Violetta. It’s great to feel comfortable as your true self and she really helps with that. I’m looking forward to experiencing some other services of the Cross Dressing Salon, especially hair and wig styling. It’s great that there is a range of services. Let’s help it survive and thrive!


Sydney April 2021

I had an opportunity to visit Violetta in her salon. What a wonderful experience that was. Violetta is a warm and friendly lady. She made me feel extremely comfortable (As this was my first makeover.) And I am extremely happy with the results Not only is she a competent makeup artist, but I also think she is a magician the way she made me look and feel. I would certainly recommend anyone to visit the Cross-dressing Salon for a makeover. You will not be disappointed.  As for myself. I am looking forward to the next visit.

Tammy. A very happy client. 


Sydney March 2021

I’ve just received my photos from Violetta after she completed the most amazing transformation. Not only did she take the time to get to know the true inner me and what a gurl like me wanted to achieve, but once she began I knew from the start that I could just sit back & relax in her very capable hands and let her work the magic that is Vee.
If your wanting to become the beautiful & gorgeous woman you imagined yourself to be & gain the confidence to step out into the world, then book in some time with Vee. Her knowledge on color, style & all things Fem is limitless.
She is local to Sydney so I highly recommend making use of the wonderful talent that is Violetta. I know I’ll be back

Sydney November 2020

Violetta is experienced and even more beautiful than her photos. She has so much deep knowledge of sexuality and what makes us tick, especially tgirls, and she gave me experiences I had always hoped were possible but could never achieve before. It was always clear who was in charge but it was done with an empathy which allowed me to submit fully without any concerns or inhibitions. I not only recommend her but urge tgirls to pay her a visit. Don’t let this wonderful talent we have on our doorstep in Sydney go to waste! I’ll be back, if it pleases You, Vee. It may be a while – it’s not something I can do constantly – but I am eager to learn!
And thank YOU!
Best regards


Sydney October 2020

“A session with Violetta is a must for any Sydney gurl looking to sharpen her makeup skills, styling or feminine presentation under the guidance of an expert hand. The dresses and heels are all fabulous and her presence and look is just amazing. I can’t wait for another visit!”


Sydney March 2020

After studying the website I finally got the courage up to make my first booking to further explore my sissy tendencies. The initial process of exchanging information was so professional and reassuring and contributed to an amazing session where, although slightly nervous I felt at ease and completely in awe of how gorgeous Violetta is in person. I became intoxicated by Her power and hung on every command, desperate to be the best sissy I could be to please Her. I know that I can be better in Her eyes and hope to be able to show improvement again in the near future. 
Thank you so much.

Adelaide July 2019

I booked in a week or so ago after seeing she was touring ADELAIDE. I had previously seen her on her website only. We had a 2 hour make over session, outfit changes and pics. Her talent with make up is second to none and consequently I felt very glamorous and feminine. I felt very comfortable and supported. I recommend to any up and coming x dresser or experienced one to make some time to see her. I certainly will be back, tomorrow if I could.


London July 2018

Well today was my first time, and what can i say? Mind blowing experience! Vee was very accommodating and knew exactly how to make me feel at ease. She is so beautiful! And has this sense of power that radiates from her, from the first moment of our interaction i was completely captivated and in complete awe to be in her presence. I was so nervous, but i just melted in her hands straight away. I didnt have any particular expectations as this was a new experience for me. But i can happily say my first makeover was everything i hoped for and so much more! Half way into my session i was already begging to have it extended which Vee was generous enough to agree. When I walked in as a average person that finally decided to after years to follow through with my desire to cross dress I walked out as Vee’s newest client who is completely drunk on the thought of going back to see her. Which cant be soon enough! Absolutely amazing, breathtaking and has me begging for more! Ill be back as soon as possible and hope to make this a long journey with Violetta, I just wanted to say thanks again for today I’ve been holding off for too long!

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