Personal Shopping Trips for Cross dressers & Transgender Women

Give a Girl The Right Shoes, & She Can Conquer The World

Marilyn Monroe

Would you like to spend a day of shopping for all the things you need? I am available to escort you on your shopping adventure. I will help you with your makeover making sure you are looking fabulous before we leave. You may bring along your own outfit and shoes or you may rent items from my wardrobe.  

Too Much Of A Good Thing Can be Wonderful

Mae West

Shopping trips can be very exciting and scary as well, especially if this is your first time venturing out all dressed up. Before you decide to book this service I suggest that you first make an appointment to see me. lets get to know each other better and see if we get along. I want you to feel safe and to trust me that you will be well looked after when we do go out shopping. Below is a list of things that we can do during your shopping trip.

Shopping Trip Prices

Package One

4 hours from $300
This package is ideal for newbies. We will start with a makeover and we can either choose something from My wardrobe or you can bring your own. We can either go make-up or clothes shopping, or just walk around and browse. Then we will go and visit a nice café.

Package Two

6 hours from $450
This package is ideal for the lady who likes to shop. We will start with a makeover and then visit your favourite stores. Then we can either go for a nice lunch or dinner.

Package Three

8 hours from $650
This package is ideal for the experienced dresser. We will start with a makeover then start on our shopping adventure. We will visit a nice café to rest our sore feet, then we will continue on with our shopping. We can also have a nice dinner to finish the day with.

The packages are not set in stone. They can be changed according to what you would like to experience.

Where would you like to go?

Shopping trips are only available for clients who I have meet before.

I recommend you book another service with me so we can meet and have a chat regarding your interest.

Personal Shopping Inquiry

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Package break down

Package prices does not include Make-up or dressing service. You are required to bring your own wardrobe. If you require your Make-up to be applied then this is an extra charge.
Once we have agreed on a date and deposit is paid I will forward you my private questionnaire.