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Testimonial from CD Tina Martini April 2021

Just received another lovely review….

Easter Sunday Evening Out with Violetta, by Tina Martini

A new crossdressing service in Sydney! Much needed and I really hope it takes off – girls, you need to take advantage of this. I have been to several crossdressing services around the world, but being experienced in my own makeup and clothes, I tried something different, which was a night out with Violetta, ready prepared. I tend to gravitate to other tgirls and the associated LGBTQI venues but I have been yearning to try something more mainstream (and classy). This was a great way to do that very thing, and a way to experience how you are treated outside these environments. Being with a confident cis woman is really helpful and it made me feel comfortable.

Violetta picked me up from my apartment and we drove to Pott’s Point (Kings Cross area) and visited three venues, The Butler, where we had a nice dinner in a place which as an intimate ambience and a great harbour view, The Roosevelt, which although the staff were helpful and attentive, was a little disappointing, and Dulcie’s, which was a lovely little downstairs cocktail bar where the staff were even nicer. I tried a couple of martinis (what else?) with my favorite ingredient, an exceptionally good gin. This venue looks like it will be very interesting with some cool live entertainment. It has a very intimate early 20th century feel and a good feng shui with a stage at one end.

All the time, Violetta was great company and she has lived in several places in this general area and can tell you a lot of history of this once shady area of Sydney. Somehow, despite the more dodgy aspects from the past, it does seem to have been very exciting in years gone by, and retains only a little of that for the moment – maybe with less Covid and the easing of lockout laws, more of the fun might come back.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a night out like this with Violetta. It’s great to feel comfortable as your true self and she really helps with that. I’m looking forward to experiencing some other services of the Cross Dressing Salon, especially hair and wig styling. It’s great that there is a range of services. Let’s help it survive and thrive!


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Violetta De Rose is the creator and owner of the DROSS DRESSING SALON in Sydney Australia.

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